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     My daughter and I love our Boone County community and her public school, New Haven Elementary.  A job transfer brought us to the Heritage Trails neighborhood in 2014, and Camryn Parks entered kindergarten in 2015. Now 10 years old she is in the 5th grade. I thought it was important to make connections and was impressed with the opportunities for parents to be involved with school.  Since 2015 I have eaten lunch with the students on Fridays, helped with field trips and other events.  I am a member of the PTA and the Tiger Dads!  In 2019 I became a member of New Haven Elementary's Family Resource Center's Council and was elected to New Haven's Site Based Decision Making Council.  Also I was a Junior Achievement instructor for the last two years.

     Camryn and I have come to know the families of students and teachers. Our wonderful bus driver lives in our neighborhood as do many other district employees!  Camryn was introduced to archery through the school team, and benefited from the skills learned and interacting with the players and instructors.  She even won a few tournaments!  We continue to enjoy archery together.

     I believe that schools encompass a community not only of our children and their families but teachers, administrators, sports teams, an array of support personnel and organizations.  I believe that successful schools are critical to maintaining successful families, neighborhoods and the wider community.  I am running for election to the Boone County School Board because I want to serve our valuable public schools.

     In February of this year when crossing the street, Camryn was the victim of a hit and run car accident.  Although she has made a complete recovery (except for some scarring), she was hospitalized and had two surgeries. She could not attend school.  I am still astonished and so grateful for the outpouring of caring, love, and support during her convalescence from classmates, teachers, administrators, and the archery team who visited and filled our house to the brim with balloons and gifts!  This is another reason I wish to give back and serve on the Board of Education.

 It is difficult to express the degree of appreciation I feel for our school and community, but I resolved to do all I can to serve our schools. 

 In this deeply unfortunate time of Covid-19, we can’t help but be anxious and unsure. This is the time to respect the burden officials and administrators bear to make the decisions required for the education and socialization of our precious children. Those decisions cannot be based on unreasonable demands and unrealistic expectations.  Our dedicated teachers cannot do it all.  We have to work together - the SBDMs, Boone County School Board, and the State government.
This is not the time for cronyism and partisan politics.  If elected to the School Board, I would do my best to implement and welcome fresh ideas, new energy, and leadership to find solutions to our present complex and unique problems.  I welcome the opportunity to assist in maintaining and improving the quality of our schools, addressing issues that existed before Covid and in the future.


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