A little about myself and even more about what's important to me and why I want to help our neighborhoods and Kentucky.

     I’m the proud father of a beautiful 8 year old daughter, Camryn, who has attended New Haven Elementary in Boone County for 4 years, now in the 3nd grade. For the past 4 years I have been a parent volunteer while enjoying every minute I spend in our fine elementary school. Jake Sweeney Auto Group has been my employer for 16 years, the past 5 years at the Florence dealership as a Senior Sales Manager.

     I believe involvement in the political process is public service. I believe politics is global, national, and local. I believe politics is personal.  I believe in economic, social, and racial justice and in safe and healthy communities. I believe government has a role to insure that all Kentucky citizens have comprehensive, affordable health care; government should support the educational goals of its citizens and the prosperity of the middle class. I believe Kentucky’s state government needs to address wage stagnation and help workers whose jobs have changed or disappeared due to circumstances beyond their control. Government can help control the transition to other work or in new industries. Kentucky has made strides in building alternative energy industries, and I believe that the State should continue in that direction. Kentucky needs tax reform, to protect public pensions, and to support our public schools. The people of Kentucky look to government to take an active role in the public health crisis of opioid addiction and not just relying on our police and court system to solve the problem. Constant vigilance is required to protect the rights of all citizens as provided by state and federal laws and in the U.S. Constitution.
As a private pilot my daughter and I enjoy Kentucky's beautiful landscape and as a boater we enjoy Kentucky's great water ways which is why I believe in strong defense of Kentucky's environment, protection of public parks, and keeping the water clean so our kids can swim and enjoy the outdoors. 
Kentucky needs new fair districting. Gerrymandering splits communities, destroys political good will and interferes with the democratic electoral process.


In District 60 I will champion these issues. I will work with anyone and everyone to help move Kentucky forward. I’m not interested in labels from the Left and Right, I’m Interested in District 60’s cities and towns, Kentucky, and our children's education safety and their future.

The people of district 60 are fortunate to have a candidate with devotion to their concerns and to the growth and support of the district, Boone County, and Kentucky. Vote Jesse Parks on November 6thfor real leadership and representation.

 Angela Crout-Mitchell

Map of District 60