Fighting For Public Education

  Our campaign is all about fighting for our Children's Future.  It is more obvious than ever that our current representative does not value public education.  I DO!  I went to public schools.  My daughter goes to New Haven Elementary here in Boone County.  These schools are the bedrock of our future as a state, a country, and a civilization.  


 If we choose to minimize our investment in education we choose to minimize the chance at a bright future for our children.  


  This year we have seen Sal support the Governors Budget that attacks our great schools! 

Cuts to bus services

Cuts to kindergarten services

Cuts to pre-school services

Cuts to opportunities and access to learning

Cuts to extra-curricular activities

Cuts to counseling services

Cuts to Student Support Services

  Old fashion ideas to cut yourself into a surplus do not work for the future of our children.  What works are fresh new ideas for revenue! Fresh energy and attention to the state budget.  A fresh look at the Bevin agenda to privatize public education in an attempt to own everything.  We need fresh leadership and fresh new representation for our district and our county. 

If we wait any longer what happened in 2018 will happen again except it'll be to the Police or Fire Fighters or State Parks or some other group Santoro and Bevin want to privatize.     

  On Thursday, March 29th Sal Santoro and cronies hijacked the legislative process and literally locked the door to the capital while they re-wrote a Sewage Bill SB151 into a teacher and state worker pension cutting bill and forced it through without public knowledge and with no actuarial analysis which both are required by law. Sal Santoro doesn't care about teachers. Sal Santoro doesn't value Social Workers and other vital workers, Sal Santoro doesn't care about the children in Boone County.  We need a NEW representative that will focus on the folks here in Boone County.  We have seen Sal Santoro only focus on big money multi-national corporations and super wealthy special interest instead of our neighborhoods, our families and our values here in Boone County.


It's time to listen to the people of KY! Vote November 6 for folks who will unlock the doors in Frankfort and who will listen to the people of KY. 

I will listen, I will fight for education, I will never lock the people out of the process!

     Help expel Sal Santoro and lock him out of Frankfort just like Sal did in March to the teachers of KY. 
VOTE November 6! 
Unite Boone County to Change Frankfort! 


Parents, Teachers, and Neighbors say "OUT WITH SAL!"